This website is created because of our love for Africa and its wildlife. Especially for the big cats. We spent many hours looking for them. And as many people will know, this can be a very frustrating, but also very rewarding. Frustrating, as it’s quite common that for days you don’t see any cat. And rewarding as all of a sudden and when you least expect it, you spot one of these beautiful creatures.

Leopards in a tree can be hard to spot

As mentioned, we spend many hours looking for cats … and not finding them. That also means there is time enough to take pictures of other animals. Mostly animals that are a little easier to find. So you will find pictures of antelopes, elephants and many other animals on this site too

Wild dogs at a kill. They eat very fast and will not sit still for one moment

Our pictures are available through Alamy . This website only shows a selection of our 1000+ images.

Our very best and sometimes unique images on Alamy